She runs.

Past classmates with book bags, who call her smelly.

Past mothers with buggies, who tut.

She runs.

To the chaotic tower block, where she will find peace.

For a little while at least.


Words: Anushka

Photo: Jimmy Chang on Unsplash

A few years ago, nearly six years in fact, when I was all enthusiastic about writing, I set myself the task of writing a series of micro stories that would cover 160 different characters – influenced by the limits of Twitter at the time. I didn’t finish the project, but I managed to fill a few pages of my notebook. They are vignettes, brief snapshots from the lives of these characters, that hopefully reveal something about them. I thought it was about time they saw the light of day. Hope you like them. I’ll be uploading them over the next few days and weeks. The first one I wrote is here: Night Swimming.

If you would like to read something more substantial, can I humbly suggest my debut novel, Waking hoursYou can read extracts here.

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