Streatham: a poem

Streatham: a poem

A little poem about Streatham…

Endless traffic, souped up cars, 
Farmers’ markets, craft ale bars. 
Much loved common, ancient trees,
Lofty views, soft breeze. 

Fried chicken, chocolate shakes, 
Global food, local bakes. 
Traffic fumes, crooked street,
Beamers, dreamers, Uber eats. 

The sick, the tired, the healthy. 
The loud, the proud, the stealthy. 
The rich, the aspiring, the poor.
The hopeful, the cynics, the unsure. 

Jazz, funk, grime, blues,
Tesco Extra, bus stop queues.
Fights, kites, fairy lights. 
Skating, dating, bingo nights. 

Along the high street, every skin tone
Fill the air with every ring tone. 
South of the river, A23,
SW16 – land of the free. 

Photo copyright Oxyman

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