Books about misfits

Books about misfits

A quick poem I penned for World Book Day, which happened to land on my birthday this year…

Books about misfits,

Scoundrels, thieves,

A goldfinch, a panda,

Who eats (,) shoots and leaves.

Books about dragons,

Caterpillars, bears.

Books set in castles,

On mountains, in lairs.

A tale of two cities,

A house in the wood,

A journey through shires,

A walk through the ‘hood.

A trip to a factory,

A voyage through space,

An alien invasion,

An eighty day race.

Solve the murder.

Win the prize.

Save the cat.

Uncover lies.

All from your train,

Or bus or bed.

A library of stories

Now stored in your head.

My own book, Waking hours, is out now.

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