Hope in the time of corona

Hope in the time of corona

A poem for Good Friday during this strange time…

New rules, restrictions,

And Government warnings. 

Will this long night of sorrow
End with joy in the morning?
Beneath weary smiles,
Unspoken fears. 
Distance hides
The silent tears. 
Waves of doubt
But through the clouds
A thousand rainbows:
Symbols of hope. 
The drowning thrown  
A lifeline rope. 

We may be fragile
And trembling and small,
But is there something
Above us all?
If we raise our eyes,
Look up from the ground,
A rugged cross
Becomes a crown. 
A crown of life,
Not one of death,
That heals, renews
And gives us breath.
When faith is weak,
It still exists. 
The promise of sun
Behind the mists.  

Photo: Annie Spratts, Unsplash

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